Advantages of playing pokies on a mobile device

Mobile devices are changing the way gamblers enjoy their favorite online casino games. While players enjoyed the freedom offered to them with the invention of online casinos, mobile devices are taking online gambling to an all new level. As smartphones and mobile devices become more advanced, internet casinos can offer a wider variety of casino games, ensuring that there is a game for everyone to play.

Play Anywhere in the World

Perhaps the biggest advantage associated with playing pokies on a mobile device, mobile pokies is the fact that you can play anywhere in the world. As long as your device receives a cell phone signal or can connect to the Internet, you can play your favorite pokies.

This is a significant upgrade over playing on a desktop computer where you are tied down to a particular location in your home. Even if you have a laptop computer, you still have to stay within range of your Internet signal at your home to be able to play your favorite online pokies.

However, when playing on a mobile device, you can take your favorite casino games with you wherever you … Read the rest

Credit Suisse tax fraud scandal

Credit Suisse, one of Europe’s leading global financial services companies, has had 13 of its German branches raided by police in connection with a tax fraud inquiry.

Police investigators reportedly raided the offices over allegations that bank staff helped clients to evade taxes. The scale of the investigation is said to be sizable, with 150 researchers taking part in the search.

While details of the raid aren’t entirely clear, it is reported that tax officials bought a CD in February that allegedly contained information on approximately 1100 wealthy Germans. There were reports at the time that the authorities paid in the region of €2.5 million to an unnamed individual for the disc.

Further investigation of the data led prosecutors to believe that some €1.2 billion of undeclared income was stashed in Swiss accounts by the individuals under scrutiny. Cases were launched against the individuals, but now prosecutors are turning their sights on Credit Suisse staff, who may have aided clients in avoiding taxes, for UK individuals they can actually… Read the rest

How Businesses Can Be More Ethical

Some may see the business world as one devoid of ethics, but small business owners can take steps to make their businesses more ethical. Ethical businesses not only provide peace of mind for all who work for them, but they also give a strong unique selling point as consumers are always keen to support a good cause.

Ethically Sourced Products

If you’re a retailer then one of the easiest ways to ensure your business is ethical is to sell ethically sourced products. If you produce your own products, this may well be the case already! You just need to be sure that anybody visiting your site (or store) will have access to that information right away.

But, obviously, not everybody creates their own products, so what can you do if you’re selling things created by others? Well, the answer to that question is research. A quick internet search  should be enough to reveal the unethical practises of other businesses as this sort of information is usually readily available. If you sell food you could sell fair trade products, if you sell clothing you could make sure you’re… Read the rest

Employment in the Ultrasound Industry Stats

It’s common knowledge that employment in the medical industry can lead to a fulfilling, lucrative and secure career. What may not be so well known is the fact that, of the many careers available in the medical field, some highly coveted positions can be attained in very short order. For example, ultrasound technician programs take as little as two years on average to complete, and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual ultrasound technician salary was $66,360 in 2012.

Not only is the ultrasound technician salary highly competitive, but the job opportunities within the niche are expanding at a rate that’s well above the national average. Those who graduate from accredited ultrasound technician schools in San Jose, CA can expect to enter into a job market that has a projected job growth of 44% by 2020. So, the salary and potential for job security sound great, but exactly what is an ultrasound technician and how do you become one?

What is an Ultrasound Technician?

The job of an ultrasound technician involves much more than just… Read the rest

Is unemployment easing?

Despite the fact the surge in unemployment is finally starting to ease, wage growth has slowed dramatically. Analysts have now warned this could hamper the economic recovery.

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The Office for National Statistics said the broadest measure of unemployment showed joblessness at 2.47 million in the three months to August, up 88,000 from the previous three months but a similar level to that it reported for July and one which left the jobless rate steady at 7.9 percent. The City had expected the number to jump through 2.5 million.

Youth employment also wasn’t hit as hard as it was thought it would be. It was believed that it would reach the one million mark, but it remained at 946,000, though that still means one in five of 16 to 24-year-olds are without a job and a third of 16 to 17-year-olds, the Guardian reports.

The narrower claimant count measure, which only counts those claiming job seeker’s allowance,… Read the rest

Europe’s best city to work in

Where would you consider is the best city in the world to work in? Well, Southern California Homebuyers – a real estate company who specalise in the best ways to sell your house fast have compiled a new report, ‘European Cities Monitor 2009’ to tell you where the best city to work is.

In the 20 years that this report has been going, Europe’s business landscape has changed considerably, particularly with the emergence of Central and Eastern European economies and new consumer markets, the report states. The rapid spread of technology has also contributed to the way companies organise themselves and has allowed them to capitalise on lower costs and to be located closer to new markets

The top three cities leading in business, are, London, Paris, and Frankfurt. These three have help the top three spots since the survey started back in 1990.

Birmingham is the biggest mover this year, rising up the ranking by seven places to 14th place. The other cities to move up this year are: Madrid (7th to 6th), Munich (9th to 7th), Milan (13th to 10th), … Read the rest

Is Ryanair going to stop expanding?

It appears that the budget Irish airline Ryanair aren’t happy despite the fact they’ve announced profits. They’ve said that they stop expanding its business if it does not get a better deal on new aircraft from Boeing.

Ryanair is currently in talks with Boeing to buy around 200 aircrafts, but they’ve said if prices aren’t cut, it will return cash to shareholders instead of buying planes, the BBC has reported.

300 percent growth

The warning has come from the company at the same time that they’ve announced 300 percent profits in six-month profits.

Pre-tax profits came in at 419.4 million euros, up from 105.2 million euros in the same period last year.

Ryanair said that its results were distorted by a 42 percent fall in fuel costs, but added that its average fare had fallen by 17 percent, the BBC also reported.

While the profit figure showed impressive growth from the first half of 2008, it was still 9 percent below the level from the same period of 2007.

Ryanair’s passenger numbers rose to 36.4 million in the six-month period,… Read the rest

Real Estate Agent Sold For £1

When you hear about the sale of a business, you expect to hear of a five figure sum at least, but news today has seen Halifax estate agents sell for, wait for it, a GBP£1. This report comes direct from the best real estate investing website for beginners, Spouses Flipping Houses.

Lloyds Banking Group have agreed to sell its Halifax estate agent business to LSL Property Services for a GBP£1, with the loss of 460 jobs.

In total, the business, which has been losing money, has 218 offices, 93 of which are franchise operations.

There are 121 Halifax banking counters located in estate agents, which will close down in early 2010.

concept of the modern engineer working

concept of the modern engineer working

Lloyds said that 1,050 employees would be transferred to LSL after the sale and 360 of the 460 jobs due to go will be full-time positions.

The company have said that compulsory redundancies would be a last resort.

The jobs will go among staff operating the banking counters within estate agents. Lloyds said that the vast majority of the branches had a Halifax or Lloyds TSB branch within one mile of them.

Lloyds said … Read the rest

Rapid growth in the iGaming market

It was a tough year for the world’s financial markets. Thanks to for this post. The companies making up the iGaming Industry saw their combined share price increase by an impressive 50+ per cent over the course of 2015.

London’s FTSE100 was down 5 per cent at the end of the year. Moreover, the US based S&P 500 and Dow Jones had their most terrible year since 2008 with share price averages falling down 1 per cent and 2 per cent respectively.

iGaming, the premier gambling information portal has a GI Index of 68 operators and suppliers involved in the iGaming sector . Of these 68 2015 was a year to remember, especially for those investing in Swedish companies. Of the eight Stockholm-listed companies in the list, all showed more than 36% growth on average within this portfolio. This marks a significant improvement on preceding years.


There are a number of reasons for the growth in iGaming stocks. One of the biggest reasons is that the markets have reacted to news that US regulators have softened their stance on a number of forms of internet gambling.… Read the rest

Is the office really necessary?

The times, sang Bob Dylan, they are a-changin’. And while Dylan may argue that his words were addressing much greater societal concerns, there’s no denying that both businesses and individuals currently face one of the greatest periods of socio-economic reorganization in a generation as the how and the where of our working lives shifts to a new model: that of the dispersed workforce.

“The desire among employees to be more mobile and flexible in their work lifestyles is extremely strong throughout the world – as strong as salary.”

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Ben Thompson

Signs of the shift are everywhere. Demand to work anywhere, anytime is stronger than ever before, while the rise of mobile solutions has meant that an increasing number of employees expect IT to allow access to corporate information with any device – personal or company-issued – and thus further enable remote working. Consumer hardware such as smartphones, tablets and netbooks have become common currency within … Read the rest